Macky Gee live! [DnB Night]

Macky Gee live in der Eventstage Krems!
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💥 Location: Eventstage Krems
💥 Datum: 20.05.2023
💥 Einlass: 21:00
💥 Mindestalter: 16 Jahre
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Macky Gee
Smashing through the barriers of the conventional and carving a path for himself, Macky has turned the heads of some of the industries biggest players; to become one of the
most promising and spectacular artists in drum and bass music today.
Having learned the art of mixing at just ten years old, Macky relentlessly practised mixing in his bedroom, cultivating that undeniable passion to one day, be a main stage
artist. At 16 he got his first gig in a small club and this fuelled his thirst to forge a career in music.
From weekly radio shows to playing gigs around the UK and Europe, Macky wanted to carry on building on this creative vibe and soon found himself going to college to study Music Production learning his craft and honing his studio skills to give him both the
desired confidence and knowledge to push forward making his own original tracks which would eventually change the sound of Drum & Bass.
These new found skills lead to Macky releasing a whole list of dancefloor bangers which culminated into ‘Sway’ an album released in 2016 which went into the top 20 of the charts across the UK and Europe. The support for Macky from the general public was
nothing short of amazing, something he will cherish forever. With support from DJ’s on Radio One, 1xtra, Kiss FM and Rinse Fm, his music is really making waves, not just in the clubs but over the airwaves.
If that’s not enough, Macky is one of the members of the biggest act in DnB right now,
SaSaSaS, which has been causing a major storm in the festival world and selling out club shows across Europe. The group have an upcoming USA & Australia tour amongst a solid club and festival schedule, so all in all, the kid with dreams of making the main
stage have become a reality but only down to hard work and progressing and forming his own unique style and sound which music lovers have been drawn too.
Supporting Act
21:00 – 22:30 KremsDnB
22:30-23:30 Clank & Maider
23:30-00:30 Replic
00:30-01:30 MACKY GEE + Mc Steezy
01:30-03:00 Impolite Showcase + MC Flow
03:00-04:00 Mayez
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